How scuba diving is forcing me to be a better person


I started learning to dive in September. I needed an extra credit to fill my semester and my university offered underwater photography as a recreation course. I love photography and snorkeling, so it sounded perfect. The class was taught by Aquatic Adventures, a scuba shop, so I got to try scuba diving during the class. I was super nervous learning how to clear water out of my mask and take the regulator out of my mouth, but it was so much fun!

While I was taking the class, I decided to apply at Aquatic Adventures and got hired as the media specialist, managing the social media pages, creating content for the website, and keeping the online shopping cart up to date. I was the first person they ever hired who wasn’t a certified scuba diver, and getting certified was one of the requirements of working there.

Since my university also offers Beginning Scuba as a recreation course, I decided to take it through school and get credit for it. The classroom sessions went really well. When we got to the pool, I was an immediate disaster.

I always forget at least one thing every time I leave my apartment, and one day when I was heading to the pool I forgot my contacts. I almost always wear my glasses simply because I’m too lazy to put in contacts and do makeup. Throwing on glasses, whichever clothes are closest, and finger-combing my hair is my usual look.

I’m severely visually impaired, so diving without contacts wasn’t an option and you can’t wear glasses under a scuba mask. Luckily, since I work at the store and the instructors love me, another instructor was willing to come to the pool to work with me once I had gotten my contacts so I wouldn’t hinder the rest of the class or get too far behind myself (I did get too far behind, but because clearing my mask was scary).

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This experience impressed upon me that I should try to wear contacts as much as possible, because you never know when glasses will get in the way. At the very least, keep some contacts with you at all times. Extra contacts immediately got put on my list of things to keep in my gear bag, just in case I’m running late and forget again.

Besides, it’s so much easier to look fabulous without glasses getting in the way.

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