A Trip to Prague and Budapest: Day 1

I’m writing this series on my phone, so please bear with me if any pictures end up in weird places.

My dad and I are going on a Rick Steves Tour in Prague and Budapest.

You can find all of my posts about this trip here.

We got to the airport in our hometown at around 1pm central time to fly to Minneapolis, which is a half-hour flight. We took off around 3:30 or 4.

Our flight from Minneapolis was at 7ish, so we had a few hours to walk around and catch pokemon. My dad is also learning about selfies.

From Minneapolis, we flew to Amsterdam, which is a 7-8 hour flight. We landed much earlier than expected, which would have been great, except we then had to sit on the tarmac until a gate opened for us to pull up to. They said the expected time was 20 minutes, but a passenger on the plane had a medical emergency, so it ended up being less time. As a side note, if you’re on a plane and a passenger has a medical emergency, move to wherever the crew tells you to let the EMTs through. Don’t just stand in the aisle looking confused why the medical-looking people are shoving past you.

We got to Amsterdam at around 10:30am local time, which was about 3:30am central time. My boyfriend had told me that when he was in Spain and Portugal, he hadn’t even seen a Mr. Mime, the Pokémon special to Europe. There was no way I would catch one.

Here is the Mr. Mime I caught within 15 minutes of getting off the plane:

In Amsterdam we heard about 12 different gate changes being announced, including for our flight. I think all of the gate changes were for Delta/KLM flights. Our flight to Prague ended up being about half an hour late because the cabin crew were on a different flight that was late.

Even though the flight from Amsterdam to Prague was only an hour, we didn’t get to Prague until around 2. The Prague airport was super easy to navigate. My bag was one of the last off the plane and it was so far behind the others we thought it wasn’t coming and had been lost, but we got it in the end.

Scott, the guy driving us to our hotel, was waiting for us when we got to the exit. He is an ex-pat who has been living in Prague since 1998. He knew everything about Prague and told us all of it. The only thing he didn’t know was when my dad asked about a tour we had starting at 7 on the front steps of the Clementinum. He told us the Clementinum has several entrances and he wasn’t sure which was the front steps. I did not know we had this tour and was not excited.

We got to the Hotel Leonardo and David, the guy at the front desk was super friendly and helpful. He went over a map of all the places within walking distance and made sure to stop and wait whenever my dad stopped paying attention.

The guy who took us to our room was also super nice and made sure he was clear about which things in the room were free (the coffee!) and which were not.

We took a (not long enough) nap, then went to walk around. David at the front desk got us reservations at 6 for an Italian place called Oliva Nera near our hotel. He also did not know what the front steps of the Clementinum would be referring to.

We walked around the Clementinum for a little while and found one set of steps, but they didn’t look like a main entrance.

At 5:40 my dad decided to go to Oliva Nera even though our reservation wasn’t for 20 minutes. They were very accomodating, even though the waiter told my dad his options for his jacket-vest thing were to be hung up or worn. He couldn’t hang it over the back of the chair.

The menu was in Italian, Czech, and English. The only thing my dad had trouble ordering was the water. Even though we were in Germany just a few years ago, he forgot that “still water” means it doesn’t have bubbles. He ordered water and the waiter asked if he wanted sparkling or still. His response was “Not sparkling.” I told the waiter still water and we were brought a bottle of still water.

I had the ravioli and my dad had the spaghetti. The food was amazing, much better than any Italian food I’ve had in America (though I may not be going to the right restaurants). When we were finished, we were brought the dessert menu. When we said we didn’t want dessert, we were asked if we need coffee or anything else.

When the check came, my dad was super confused about being charged for the water. Even in America you’re charged for bottled water, so I’m not sure why he was confused by being charged for a bottle of water.

When we were brought our change, the waiter made sure to tell us that service is not included in the bill. My dad only had his change from the meal and large bills, so he wasn’t able to leave a proper tip. I think the waiter should have told us when he brought us the bill that service was not included, not when he brought us the change, but I also think it’s really strange that my dad doesn’t bring small denominations when he travels.

When we got our coats, the woman helping us took a few tries to find mine. She knew exactly that the North Face jacket-vest thing was my dad’s.

We went back to the Clementinum and still couldn’t figure out where we were supposed to meet our guide. We waited for a while by the steps. A guy selling tickets to a Mozart’s Requiem concert tried to help us, but he couldn’t figure it out any more than Scott or David had been able to.

In the end we just went back to the hotel (to finally nsleep!). I looked up the tour when we got back. It started on the front steps of the Rudolfinum. Not the Clementinum. My dad was super disappointed when he realized his mistake. He decided we’ll go later this weekend.

Tomorrow we have a full day of touring, so be sure to check back to see what we’ve been up to. To see all of my pictures, be sure to follow me on Instagram @hollygeraldson.

Find all my posts from this trip here.

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