Working Toward Minimalism

My boyfriend, Bryce, and I have been discussing where we are going to live in the future. His first choice is California, where he currently lives. I have never been to California, but in a month I will be flying to LA to visit for the first time. Unless I absolutely hate it, I will probably be moving there within the next year.

Bryce’s main concern for me moving is that I have a lot of stuff, and in California I will have a small apartment with nowhere to put my stuff. Where to put things is something I’ve never had to worry about before, because my parents have a very big house. If I didn’t have a place for something at my apartment, I could leave it at their house until I found a place for it. Or forever, if I forgot about it.

Another reason I have a lot of things is that my parents have a lot of things. It seems natural to me to have stuff. My dad doesn’t wish he had something; if he wants something, he’ll go out and buy it. My mom takes having things a step further. To her, nearly everything can be recycled. She always has a project, whether it’s in her garden or a craft she wants to make, and most things can be used in her projects. If she can’t use a thing in her current project, she will save it for the next project.

The result of this is that they have so many things they are overwhelmed by it. My mom will take boxes of stuff to donation centers, but it never seems like they have less. I am starting to see that it is better to have less. There will not be enough room for all my stuff at an apartment in LA and I don’t think there enough room for it in my life at all.

My goal is to get rid of one thing a day until I feel like I have enough and not too much. I will sell things or donate them or throw them out until I only have what I want and nothing extra. I don’t think I will ever have a true minimalist lifestyle, but getting closer to it will simplify my life and make more room for the things I really like.

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