Layering for Winter Adventures

Layering for Winter Adventures

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It’s already snowed a few times in the midwest, so now is the time to think about how to stay warm during winter adventures. The best way to keep up your body temperature when you’re out hiking, snowshoeing, skiing, or doing anything else outdoors, is to layer properly.

The key to dressing in layers is knowing what each layer looks like and is for.

Base Layer

The base layer is your first layer of clothing, worn next to your skin.

Designed for skiing, Meetyoo’s thermal compression set is a great option for a lower-priced base layer. The moisture wicking, breathable fabric has four-way stretch, making it perfect for any activity.

I love all the bright colors Under Armour’s mockneck longsleeve comes in! This top is made from brushback knit fabric, so it maintains breathability without sacrificing warmth. Four-way stretch and anti-microbial technology mean this top will be comfortable and odor-free through snowshoeing, skiing, or anything else you’re up to.

This Burton Long-Neck Top is made from breathable, wicking fabric to make it super quick-drying. 360° stretch fabric makes it easy to move for outdoor sports and activities. An Agion antimicrobial finish fights odors, so this top will keep smelling fresh no matter how sweaty you get. My favorite thing about this top is that it’s extra long and the sleeves have thumb-holes, so you don’t have to worry about the fabric riding up and exposing skin on those extra cold days.

Mid Layer

The mid layer provides warmth and some weather protection. Different materials offer different degrees of warmth and weather protection, so be sure to choose a material that best fits your needs.

Fleece, a common material for a mid layer, is a comfortable, warm, and breathable mid layer, but doesn’t offer as much protection in damp conditions as other materials, such as hardfleece or synthetic fibers.

Amazon Essentials’ Quarter-Zip Polar Fleece is a great lower-priced option for a mid layer. With 18 cute colors and patterns, this top makes it easy to stay stylish without sacrificing warmth.


Columbia’s Basin Trail Fleece Pullover features a cowl neck and toasty warm pockets to keep your neck and hands warm. Made from anti-pill microfleece, this hoodie’s long length means you don’t have to worry about it riding up and leaving your waist exposed.

The North Face Crescent Hooded Pullover is a synthetic fleece made from recycled materials. In addition to being more eco friendly, I love the zippered pockets that provide security for whatever items you’re carrying. Although it’s a warm and heavyweight mid layer, it doesn’t offer much wind protection.

Insulating Layer

The insulating layer is what’s going to keep you the warmest on the coldest days. The most common materials for an insulating layer are down or synthetics. Down is warmer and more lightweight than synthetics, but doesn’t offer as much protection from the elements.

This Ultra Lightweight Short Down Jacket from Wantdo is filled with 80% duck down and 20% feather insulation. The nylon shell is coated with a Durable Water Repellent (DWR) finish to keep you dry in the snow. Elastic bands on the waist and wrist cuffs keep the warmth in. This jacket also features an interior pocket and a loop on the left shoulder designed to keep your earbuds easily accessible. This compact jacket can be packed down into an included pouch for easy storage.

 Columbia’s Lake 22 Down Jacket features down insulation and a water-resistant shell, keeping you warm and dry. The Heat Seal construction keeps the down filling from migrating, so every inch of this jacket will maintain warmth through any outdoor adventure.


The North Face Thermoball Jacket is water-resistant and has secure zippers and elastic wrist cuffs to keep out the cold. This jacket is also compact enough that it can be packed into its own hand pocket, perfect for those winter hiking trips when extra layers are necessary, but can be a hassle to carry.

Outer Shell Layer

A weather protective layer, the outer shell layer is what keeps you dry in the snow or rain and protects from harsh winds.

This Wantdo Ski Jacket has a water repellent coating and a drawcord waist and hood to keep in warmth. An internal pocket is designed to keep your earbuds easily accessible.

 Columbia’s Kruser Ridge II Softshell Jacket features comfort stretch technology and is water and wind resistant, perfect for any outdoor adventure.

The Arc’teryx Nodin Jacket is designed with minimalism in mind. It’s ultralight, fitting perfectly into any pack or bag when you don’t need it. A pouch in the collar keeps the hood out of the way when not in use. The 20D Tyono™ fabric keeps the jacket breathable while still providing protection from the wind, and a DWR coating keeps you dry.

You don’t need to have every single one of these layers in every outfit you wear outdoors. Sometimes you may not need an insulating layer between your mid layer and your outer shell layer, and sometimes you’ll be fine wearing just a base layer and a mid layer. The key is in making sure to check the weather and dress appropriately to stay safe and have fun on every adventure.


4 Women’s Gloves Perfect for Below Freezing Weather

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Winter in the Midwest is nothing to scoff at, especially with rumors of the polar vortex coming for a second year in a row. As a woman with tiny hands, something I struggle with every year is finding the perfect gloves. My unicorn gloves will keep my hands warm as I shovel snow in below freezing temperatures without being so oversized on me that they just get in the way.

After hours of research, I’ve found four pairs of gloves that will keep my hands and yours warm and dry during the brutal winter months.

Andorra Thinsulate Ski Gloves

These Andorra Ski Gloves are so warm and come in so many cute colors! They’re also touchscreen compatible and have a zippered pocket to keep small items like keys safe while you’re shoveling.

Anqier Winter Gloves

Anqier’s Winter Gloves are insulated with thinsulate and cotton to trap your body heat more efficiently, keeping your hands warm on the coldest days. They have durable polyurethane (PU) palms so you don’t have to worry about losing your grip on your ice scraper.

Want to keep the rest of your body warm on cold days? Layering is key!

Unigear Ski Gloves

These ski gloves from Unigear are super water-resistant, with a durable water repellent (DWR) shell and PU palms. The Primaloft insulation will keep your hands warmer longer for those extra cold days.

Galexia Zero Thinsulate Lined Ski Gloves

These Galexia Zero Gloves come in so many colors and patterns, so you never have to worry about someone “accidentally” walking off with your super warm gloves. Touch-screen capable fingers and non-slip grip palms make these perfect for those days when you have to wait in the cold for your car to warm up.

With temperatures dropping and snow falling, it’s important to make sure you have the right equipment before the weather gets dangerous. Don’t get caught in subfreezing temperatures with subpar gloves!


November 2017 Stitch Fix Review

Stitch Fix is a fashion subscription box that costs $20 per box for a shipping and styling fee. They send 5 items a month and the $20 fee is applied to anything you choose to keep.

When you sign up, you fill out a style profile.

When you’re finished, you choose when you want to receive your next fix. The $20 fee is charged to your credit card when the stylist chooses your items.

You have three days to decide what you want to keep and what to return. If you choose to keep all five items, you receive a 25% discount.

For more information on signing up for Stitch Fix, click here.

This month I noticed that my items were picked by a new stylist. Last month they were picked by Danielle, this month they were picked by Anne. I thought Danielle did a pretty good job last month. I only kept the coat she picked for me, but I strongly considered keeping the sweater and the bag. I didn’t quite love them enough to spend so much money on them. I liked the style of the dress, but it was an awful fit on me. The shirt was cute, but kind of boring and 100% rayon, which I have had issues with falling apart in the past. I put my comments on why I was sending each item back in the comments when I was checking out, but it seems like my comments were not passed on to Anne.

Here’s what I got this month:

Bellucci One Pocket Top – $58.00Stitchfix_Buttonup_Top
Brand: Napean Sea Rd

Like the Covington One Pocket Top last month, I like this shirt, but there’s nothing interesting about it. This one is a pullover that only buttons halfway up, but it’s still pretty much the same button-up shirt I can get anywhere and most similar shirts would be much cheaper. It’s also 100% rayon, just like the shirt last month. I don’t want to spend $58.00 for a basic shirt that will fall apart because I don’t know how to care for it properly.

Verdict: Sending it back.

Anuka Cotton Blend Pullover – $78.00
Brand: Harper Lane

This sweater is so cute. I love the color. It has a split back, which I love. Unfortunately, from the front it looks super boxy on me. I really wish this looked amazing on me so I could keep it, but it does not.

Verdict: Sending it back.

Liza Distressed Skinny Jean – $98.00
Brand: Lila Ryan

I don’t like the distressed trend. Rascal doesn’t look thrilled either. I’m not going to pay almost $100.00 for an item that already looks damaged, even though that’s how it’s supposed to look.

Verdict: Sending it back

Quin Keyhole Crochet Top – $64.00
Brand: Daniel Rainn

This shirt is super cute from the front. I don’t like the split in the back, and it’s also 100% rayon. If I knew how to take care of rayon, I would probably consider keeping it, but I will send it back because I’m not confident I won’t destroy it.

Verdict: Sending it back.

Calven Cable Knit Cardigan – $68.00
Brand: RD Style

I have a super similar cardigan to this one from Charlotte Russe, but this is much higher quality. However, it is also 78% acrylic. I have been trying to fill my closet with mostly natural fibers, and while this cardigan is also 22% cotton, there is so much acrylic I can’t justify spending over $50.00 on it.

Verdict: Sending it back.

I’m pretty disappointed by the items I was sent this month. Some of the things are cute, but made with fabrics I don’t like or don’t know how to care for, I hate that the (otherwise great) pants are distressed, and the only thing I was super excited about doesn’t look good on me.

I’ve also learned not to let my dad take pictures for me.
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Outfit of the Day: November 2, 2017


I went blue for my outfit today.

Abercrombie & Fitch Blue Buttonup

I got this St. John’s Bay sweater from JCPenney a year ago. I really like the style, so I have it in a bunch of different colors.

This button-up is from Abercrombie. They don’t have this exact one anymore, but they have some similar ones. The one I have is 99% cotton, but the similar ones I found are only 46% lyocell (a wood fiber similar to rayon), 35% polyester and 19% viscose, so I probably wouldn’t buy one of the new ones.

Dark Blue Jeggings from Hollister

My jeggings are from Hollister. They’re super comfortable and I have them in a few different colors. I figured out my size so I can order online if I need new ones, since I hate going into Hollister and Abercrombie. I definitely recommend ordering online if you like Hollister and Abercrombie clothes, but you do have to either pay a $7 fee or go into a store if you need to do a return.

Black Converse Hightops from Famous FootwearThese Converse high-tops are my favorite shoes. These have elastic laces and velcro at the ankle. They slip on really easily, so they’re so easy to wear. I get them in the children’s section at Famous Footwear. If you’re a women’s size 8 or smaller, you can probably fit into certain children’s styles and they’re usually about $20 cheaper than adult shoes, so it may be worth trying some things on if they don’t look too childish.

Outfit of the Day: November 1, 2017

It’s getting colder out, so layers are super important today.

Forever21_Red_TShirtJC Penney St. John's Bay Cream Sweater

I’m wearing this red t-shirt from Forever 21. I usually don’t like a lot of the fashion pieces at Forever 21 and since they are fast fashion designed to only be worn a few times, most of the stuff there is pretty low quality. However, basics like this are usually pretty decent there. A lot of the t-shirts and camis I’ve gotten at Forever 21 are mostly cotton, and most of it is under $10.

This cream cardigan from JCPenney. I couldn’t find my exact one on the website, but this one is similar.

Crystal_Necklace_FullThis crystal necklace is one I made for my Etsy store, Fox&Phlox.
Dark Blue Jeggings from Hollister

These jeggings from Hollister are so comfortable and fit me perfectly. The front pockets are fake, which is understandable with the fit. Luckily, the back pockets are real, so I have somewhere to keep my phone when I don’t have my purse with me.

Brown Bamboo Combat Boots from Charlotte Russe

I got these Bamboo combat boots from Charlotte Russe a while ago. Charlotte Russe always has super cute shoes, but they’re not always the best quality. I’ve been impressed with these boots because they’ve lasted a year or two now with only some minor scuffing.

October 2017 Stitch Fix Review

Stitch Fix is a fashion subscription box that costs $20 per box for a shipping and styling fee. They send 5 items a month and the $20 fee is applied to anything you choose to keep.

When you sign up, you fill out a style profile.

When you’re finished, you choose when you want to receive your next fix. The $20 fee is charged to your credit card when the stylist chooses your items.

You have three days to decide what you want to keep and what to return. If you choose to keep all five items, you receive a 25% discount.

For more information on signing up for Stitch Fix, click here.

Here’s what I got this month:

StitchfixBagJak Zipper Detail Tote – $68.00
Brand: Urban Expressions

This tote is huge! It’s super cute. I love the color. I tend to go for neutral colors, especially in bags. However, it is made of polyurethane, which is synthetic, and has a polyester lining. I do love it, but I can’t justify spending so much money on synthetic materials.

Verdict: Sending it back.

Niall Ribbed Knit Swing Dress – $68.00StitchfixDress
Brand: RD Style

This dress does not fit me correctly. Even for a swing dress, it looks like a bag on me and the bodice is not cut correctly for my body at all.

Verdict: Sending it back

StitchfixShirtCovington One Pocket Top – $58.00
Brand: Le Lis

I do like this shirt, but there’s nothing really interesting about it. It’s just a basic button-up that I could get anywhere. It’s also 100% rayon, which is difficult to care for properly. I have had issues with rayon shirts falling apart in the past, so I don’t want to spend $58 for a shirt that’s going to fall apart.

Verdict: Sending it back

Chaplin Essential Hooded Anorak Cargo Jacket – $88.00StitchfixJacket
Brand: 41Hawthorn

I adore this jacket. I’ve been looking for an anorak jacket for a few months now and this one is perfect for me. The color is a sort of purply-gray, which I love. It’s light, but not too light, so it will still keep me warm in spring and fall without overheating me. It’s also 100% cotton!

Verdict: Keeping it

StitchfixSweaterSharon Thumb Hole Detail Pullover – $78.00
Brand: 41Hawthorn

This is cute, but it’s only 58% cotton and closer to $100 than it is to $50. I love the cowl neck and the the thumb holes, but it’s a little pricey for me and doesn’t really go with anything I already own.

Verdict: Sending it back
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September 2017 Nadine West Review

Nadine West is a fashion subscription box that costs $9.78 per month for shipping. They send 4-5 items a month and the cost of shipping is applied to anything you choose to keep. Read my previous blog here to learn more about how it works.

Here’s what I got this month:

Ashley – $14.49imgp8329.jpg
Brand: Zenana Outfitters

I didn’t think I was going to like this shirt
at first, but it looks better on than it did
when I pulled it out of the package.
I’m not normally a pink kind of person,
but this actually looks really good with my
light wash jeans.
This shirt is just kind of boring and the sort
of thing I can get anywhere.

Verdict: Sending it back

IMGP8311Argyle Girl – $16.99
Brand: New Mix

I really like these shorts.
They’re super soft and have an
elastic waistband so they’re really
I do think it’s weird that the tie is
just an accent, not a real drawstring.
It doesn’t detract from how cute the
shorts are, but I don’t think it adds
anything either.

Verdict: Keeping it

imgp8232.jpgMoonlight Fairytale – $29.99
Brand: Popular 21

The hemline of this skirt
is really cute.
The bodice, however, is
I think I would actually
prefer if it had short
sleeves instead of
spaghetti straps.
I don’t dislike that it’s gray,
but I think that adds
to the boringness of it.

Verdict: Sending it back



Teardrop Snake Skin – $13.99


These earrings are cute, just not my style. I feel like they’re the sort of thing my mom or my aunts would wear.

Verdict: Sending it back

Morning Dew Sparkle Necklace – $18.99


I love this necklace. I feel like it makes a statement without being a massive heavy thing. The details of the pearls and the leaves are so pretty.

Verdict: Keeping it

This month I’m keeping two of the five items I was sent. It’s really easy to send back the other three items. The package comes with a return label sticker that you just put over the original shipping sticker, then you put the items you’re returning back in the package along with the packing slip, tape it shut and put it in your mailbox.

The shorts are $16.99 and the necklace is $18.99, but since the cost of shipping is subtracted from what I keep, I will be charged $26.20 instead of $35.98.

Learning to Apply False Eyelashes

I was given a discount on some false eyelashes from Boss Beauty Babes to try. I’ve never worn false eyelashes before, so I had no idea where to begin with these. There are so many options for the eyelashes and I didn’t know what any of it meant, so I just picked some and hoped for the best.


Since the eyelashes are so beautiful, I got some cheap ELF eyelashes to practice with before trying the Boss Beauty Babes lashes. It did not go well, mostly due to the very bad ELF lash glue. I looked online to find recommendations for a better lash glue and most people raved about Revlon’s Lash Glue.


The higher-quality lash glue made things go much more smoothly, but it was still difficult to get the lashes on in the right position. You’re supposed to get them as close to your lash line as possible, which I found super difficult.

I did eventually manage to get them on, and I looked fabulous if you don’t look too closely and notice they’re not quite on properly.


I’m going to practice more with applying false eyelashes and hopefully someday I’ll be good enough at it that I can wear these in public. I think they’re super fun.

Check out my video on the application process!

Do you like wearing false eyelashes? Have advice for me on how to apply them? Leave me a comment!

August 2017 Nadine West Review

Nadine West is a fashion subscription box that costs $9.78 per month for shipping. They send 4-5 items a month and the cost of shipping is applied to anything you choose to keep. Read my previous blog here to learn more about how it works.

Here’s what I got this month:

Made in the Shade – $18.49IMGP8204
Brand: Bozzolo

I love the style of this top and I really like the color. However, as I mentioned last month, I hate the brand Bozzolo. The material is extremely thin and feels cheap and the texture of this top doesn’t work with the style.

Verdict: Sending it back

Sleek and Sexy – $19.99
Brand: Kathy

This skirt is super cute. I love the wrap style and the stripes. The material is really light, but doesn’t feel thin and cheap like the top. The problem with it is that it falls about mid-calf on me, which is too long. A skirt like this should fall at the knee or just above to look really good.

Verdict: Sending it back


Hammered Bar and Plate – $19.99

This necklace is really cute. I don’t usually like the hammered look, but I do like this. I’m not sure what Nadine West’s obsession with hammered jewelry is, but I think I’ve gotten something hammered from them every month since I started the subscription. Usually the jewelry isn’t this interesting, but I love the different shapes on this. It falls in the middle of my chest, so I need a top that’s either very low-cut or very high-cut to wear it with.

Verdict: Keeping it


Disc Dangles – $12.99


These are cute, but boring. They’re matte silver hammered discs. If they weren’t matte and matched the necklace a little better, I would probably keep them, but as they are I probably won’t ever wear them.

Verdict: Sending them back

#FashionFriday – July 2017 Nadine West Review

Nadine West is my current favorite fashion subscription box. If you want to know more about how it works, check out my previous post about it here.

Here’s what I got this month:


Feels Like Spring – $14.49
Brand: Bozzolo

I like the cut of this top, but it’s not anything exciting. It’s super see-through, which is kind of weird for such a dark red. It’s probably because the material is so thin. I have gotten Bozzolo items before and had them be too see-through. I feel that $14.49 is pretty expensive for such a basic piece when it’s not very high quality.

Verdict: Sending it back.


Band of Flowers – $16.99
Brand: Zenana Outfitters

These leggings are super cute. I was worried when I was trying them on that they would be too long like the pants I got last month, but they just barely brushed the ground when I put them on. They were a little loose. They are a small, so I think an extra small would fit perfectly. They’re also super comfortable, being 95% cotton and 5% spandex, which my mom would love. She’s at a conference this weekend, otherwise I would have her try them on. I think she would love them for her yoga classes. Since they’re not quite perfect on me, I won’t be keeping them.

Verdict: Sending them back.


Jealous of My Pearls – $9.99

These earrings are pretty, but they’re not amazing. I already have pearl earrings and since these are nothing special, I won’t be keeping them.

Verdict: Sending them back.


We Are All Made of Stars – $17.99

This necklace is super pretty. It looks like a starfish, which is really cute. In my post about my Nadine West package last month, I said that I didn’t like the dolphin necklace I had gotten because I don’t like dolphins. This month is the opposite. I think starfish are really cool and I think I’ll get a lot of use out of this necklace.

Verdict: Keeping it.



Summer Mornings – $29.99
Brand: Freebird

I love this dress, but it’s too big on me. The pattern is so beautiful, and I think the cut would be fine if it were a size smaller. It is a small, but it hangs on me like a medium. I would definitely keep it if it were the right size.

Verdict: Sending it back.

I thought about changing the sizes in my profile to extra small since the leggings and the dress were both a bit too big, but I have gotten items in the past that fit perfectly. I’m going to try another month at small and if I keep getting items that are too big on me, change it to extra small.

The necklace is $17.99, but since the $9.78 I paid for shipping goes towards the cost of whatever I keep, I will only be charged the remainder, which is $8.21. Please note that if you decide not to keep anything, the shipping doesn’t get refunded to you. So, if I weren’t keeping the necklace and sent everything back, I would be out $9.78.