Traveling the Northwoods

This weekend my boyfriend, Bryce, and I are going Up North. My family’s cabin is in one of the towns just north of Minocqua, WI, so we will be doing plenty out on the lake. Unfortunately, it’s getting cold early this year, so we probably won’t be doing much swimming.

Kayaking is one of my favorite things to do at the cabin, so I’m sure we’ll take plenty of trips around the lake. There’s so much wildlife to see no matter the time of year. At the beginning of the summer there were some loons nesting on the lake. There are also beavers and sometimes otters who live on the lake and eagles who next in the trees on the shore.

The woods are great for hiking, even with all the mosquitos. Northern Wisconsin is home to white deer. If we’re lucky, we’ll catch a glimpse of one. The white deer are just regular white tail deer with a genetic trait that makes them all white instead of brown.

On Friday we will probably head a few towns over to Manitowish Waters to eat at Little Bohemia Lodge, where John Dillinger had a shootout with the FBI in 1934.

There is so much to do in the Northwoods and it’s a beautiful place to visit. Every lake is different and it’s so fun to explore them all. If you ever get a chance to spend a weekend Up North, I encourage you to do so.

Eating at Kate’s Pizza Amorè in La Crosse

On Friday Bryce and I decided to go to Pizza Amorè on Main Street in La Crosse, Wisconsin. We weren’t sure what to expect from the restaurant since pizza places are usually pretty casual, but I knew it was a Kate’s on State restaurant, which is a nicer place.

When we walked in, we were greeted by a hostess who immediately took us to a table. The aesthetic of the restaurant is more upscale than I usually expect from La Crosse. The hostess left us with two menus, a drink menu, and a seasonal menu (a super adorable chalkboard).

Our waitress was amazing. She made sure to go through the whole menu with us and had some great suggestions when Bryce told her he is vegetarian, since she is also a vegetarian. She was really knowledgeable about the beer menu as well. I always love when the wait staff knows about beer since I don’t know anything about beer. I think Bryce ended up getting a tap beer from the Pearl Street Brewery. I got the Cucumber Basil Fizz, which is a seasonal drink you need to try before the end of summer.

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The specialty pizzas can’t be split in half. Half pepperoni, half green olive is our usual pizza, so that limited us. Since Bryce doesn’t eat meat and I’m extremely picky about what goes on my pizza, that limited us. Nearly all of the vegetarian pizzas have mushrooms on them, which I don’t eat.

We ended up getting the Margherita pizza, which we knew we would both like. It was a safe option, but it ended up being a great option. The pizza was incredibly good. We walked in not being that hungry, but we ate the whole pizza and probably would have eaten more if the pizza had been bigger.

I would definitely recommend Pizza Amorè if you’re in La Crosse and looking for a restaurant that has the aesthetic of being more upscale, but the safety of definitely having something you know you’ll like.

The only risk is that a lot of the pizzas on the menu have shellfish in them, but I did not have any problems with allergies. I always try to mention my shellfish allergy to wait staff to make sure there’s no cross-contamination and the most issue I’ve had is having to decline a side of fries because the deep fryer can’t be properly cleaned. Pizza Amorè, like most restaurants, had no issue making sure there was no possibility of shellfish contaminating our pizza.

If you’re in the La Crosse area, Pizza Amorè is a safe choice if you’re looking for a restaurant where you can make a safe choice or a more adventurous choice, since there are so many options on the menu. The pear and gorgonzola pizza sound fascinating to me, but I’m not sure if I would like pear on a pizza, and it has chicken, which Bryce wouldn’t eat.

Have you been to Pizza Amorè in La Crosse? Which pizza is your favorite? What do you think I should try the next time I’m there?

Hiking Roche-A-Cri State Park

If you follow my YouTube channel, you know that I hate the Wisconsin DNR website. A lot of the hiking areas on the site don’t have maps or information about what kinds of plants and animals are in the state parks.

They did a little bit better with Roche-A-Cri State Park in Friendship, Wisconsin. There’s even a map of the park showing all the trails.

The first stop I’m going to make on my trip to Roche-A-Cri is at Ship Rock. Ship Rock isn’t in the park, but it’s a wayside on Highway 21 just east of the park. There isn’t much to see there, but I’ve driven past Ship Rock several times and I’ve always wanted to stop to get some pictures.

At Roche-A-Cri Park, I plan on hiking the Mound Trail, which is 0.3 miles. There are stairs up to an observation deck on top of Roche-A-Cri Mound. Since the mound is a State Natural Area, you can’t leave the stairway and observation deck in order to preserve the area for everyone to enjoy.

After the Mound Trail, I’m going to take Chickadee Rock Nature Trail, which is another 0.3 miles. This trail is also handicap accessible.

At Chickadee Rock, I’m going to go right on the Acorn Trail and go back around the mound to see some petroglyphs. The Acorn Trail is 3.55 miles, but I won’t hike the whole thing.

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Hiking Devil’s Lake

Devil’s Lake State Park is one of the most popular state parks in Wisconsin. It’s known for the beautiful pink quartzite bluffs that overlook the lake as well as all the activities the park has to offer. Camping and swimming are some of the most popular activities. The park also has 29 miles of hiking trails, including sections of the Ice Age Trail, and the bluffs make Devil’s Lake one of the best rock climbing areas in the midwest.

My boyfriend, Bryce, and I are planning a day trip to Devil’s Lake this sunday. We’ll just be hiking and maybe swimming, since rock climbing isn’t my thing.

The last time I was at Devil’s Lake was last October, when I hiked the Balanced Rock Trail with a group of other hikers. The fall colors were out in force in October, so I’m excited to get some sunnier pictures this trip.


This time I want to do the Potholes Trail, which is extremely difficult and steep, but has amazing rock formations, making the hard climb worth it. The trail is only .3 miles, but the difficulty of it means it should take about two hours to hike.

How to help a tropical diver through their first lake experience

This past weekend I went diving with a guy whose only diving experience was in the tropics. He began diving when he was kid and was a very good dive buddy, but we both learned a lot about the differences between diving in warm ocean waters and diving in Midwestern lakes.

The first thing I had to explain to my buddy was that freshwater lakes are not nearly as boring as he expected them to be. You won’t see any coral reefs or super colorful fish, but perch and bluegills can be exciting too, and we do have freshwater jellyfish, though they’re rare. The idea of seeing a jellyfish got him excited, though they’re a very unusual sight.

Then we got him set up with gear. I had to explain to him why he probably didn’t want to wear full-foot fins when diving in Wisconsin and Illinois in September and October. Full-foot fins are fine if you don’t need lots of neoprene layers to keep you warm, but Fall in the Midwest is not the time or place for them. I helped him try on some boots and open-heel fins so he would be completely comfortable in the water.

Once we got to the lake, I walked him through how to put on all his layers. He had brought both swim trunks and compression shorts because he wasn’t sure which would be better under a wetsuit. I told him to wear the compression shorts because trunks will bunch under the wetsuit and be uncomfortable, an issue I have with the ties on my swimsuits.

I’m glad I was able to help my buddy through his first lake dives. In the Midwest, part of being a good dive buddy is helping with your buddy’s wardrobe, whether they need a zipper to be zipped, a hood tucked in, or they have no idea where to begin with all the layers.

My buddy may have been a little overwhelmed at first, but he really enjoyed his first lake dives and is looking forward to diving a wreck on Lake Michigan next weekend.

And yes, he did see a jellyfish.

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